Welcome to William charles


DAVID BOYES (Managing Director) and BARRY COYNE (DMS, Dip.FD, MBIE), previously of Dignity Caring Funeral Services, are now working together at William Charles Family Funeral Directors Ltd, an Independent Funeral Service based in Ormskirk and Liverpool, serving families in the Merseyside area and beyond.

We aim to provide you and your family with a funeral service as unique as the person whose life we are celebrating.

Our funeral services range from the traditional, to eco-friendly and woodland burials, and more besides, at a price that is lower than you might expect.

Our experienced staff are available, day and night, to meet the needs of your family at a time of bereavement, and we pride ourselves on the care and attention to detail we show at what can be a very emotional time.

When Someone Dies

When someone dies there are a wide number of organisations you may need to contact depending on the circumstances. Some of these organisations will require sight of an original death certificate whereas others may accept copies.

Funeral Plans

Many prefer to have the peace of mind of knowing that their wishes will be carried out in full when they die and also that the funeral director's fees will be guaranteed to achieve those wishes.